Mooki River Breeza

Mooki River Breeza

Bridge Maintenance Repairs 


Mooki River Breeza

Client: ARTC
Location: Breeza, NSW
Construction period: 2021
Executing Company:

RKR Engineering


Mooki River Breeza

Due to increased axle loads of the freight trains running over this single track bridge, eight of the existing bearings and one of the headstocks sitting underneath the bridge needed complete replacement. The repairs required at the Mooki Bridge include replacement of damaged masonry with a precast concrete section located at the top of Pier 12, and reseating and grouting of bearing mortar pads on Piers 13 and 14.

Each of the new bearings installed were individually designed steel pedestals that were all fabricated in house at our workshop in Emu Plains. The new headstock was also constructed by RKR on site in our yard and delivered to site prior to the 3 day rail possession when all of the installation works occurred.
To enable these works to occur independent jacking frames were fabricated & installed under the bridge at varying locations near the 4 piers. This enabled the bridge to be lifted slightly enabling the existing bearings to be removed and the new pedestals & headstock to be installed.
Remote location required extensive planning & preparation works in terms of materials & equipment requirements while also catering for any change in methodology.
Use of RKR’s unique designed & built in house plant enabling movable access underneath the bridge removing the need for extensive & costly scaffolding.